she's heartless

i don't freakin bleaving he did this to me again and again and again -,- . i'm tired of this love thingy . what ? i don't really need that anyway okay . i've told you before i'm hartless but you don't believe me . haah see what happen now ? i'm so so not a perfect lover . i just love making a lot of friends , i never think that someone will argggh , it's up to you . i've no time but i'll try to be perfect for you okay . i'm not an angel or a stupid clown that can make everyone happy . i got my own life , i'm so so so sorry if i hurt you okay . i dind't mean to . i guees you don't really know who i am eh ? i've so many other responsible than taking care of you . i can't be plastic like them . i dind't know how to put a make-up on my face to make me look like your dream girl . i never touched those make-up and i never had one anyway. i was just a girl that dind't know how to act like one . sorry i'm such an egomaniac -.- . lalala you don't understand a single thing i said ? never mind then , i'm just bumbling :)