kesten hand in her camera to me because she was so buzy absence from school XD*ape lg aku godaklah camera tu time sir leong tgh check paper . HAHAHAHA guess what i dind't how to used that fucking camera -.- *okay i admit it :) . wahh i'm so so proud :D . then nafisa and me

me : weyh cmne nk tengok gmba eh ?

fisa : tah kau tekan jela ape button uh :D

me : sighs *then i started laughing badly , kunonye kte ni wey -_-

fisa : kaulah , aku tak . kau ygbukak camera tu so kaulah yg kuno ;p

me : memang -____-'

then all the drama end , when we've to go to the library for history's class . then , while were sai presenting her work 'teori-teori ape tah ;p' , puan hasmah suddenly said 'kelas dibubarkan' . all the boys started to go crazy like an ssss . waahhh heaven at last :D . after recess , we got some kind of 'majlis persaraan puan zainoraini' . see school isn't so bad . no school no pressure :) *satu hapak tk blaja :)