i love my flaws :)

im out of ordinary :)

i miss being a kid. no one cared how i dressed, we were all friends, and you could be yourself. when did we turn so judgmental? you know what, screw those people who make fun of my body shape. im fabulous this way. i keep telling my self that 'im perfect' eventhough im not. ergh so depressing eh? so let's start all over again. hey, im Dalilah, imma be seventeen forever and will be forever fabulous! lol what the heck? im a teen so screw others and let's have more fun fun, looking foward to the weekend. err what? okay first of all i didn't go to school because my stomach hurt so bad after sahur *mengada*. so i just sat in front of my computer, sign in twitter(of course) and i tweeted Kesten and she replied it. and i was like, oh man! ramainya ponteng harini :p. but if i did come to school, i'll end up sleeping during the class or sit under my table so that the teacher will never see me down there

ahahaha lmao we're awesome liddat :p. eh SPM is just aroud the fuckin' corner okay? :x but its okay, most of my aunties thought that im fourteen or fifeteen liddat because i look younger than my real age. envy much guys? TROLOLO what the hell is wrong with me? -__- yes i still remember last year, when the UPSR results was out, most of my aunties called my mother and asked how many A's did i get for the UPSR. and i was like seriously, hello i'm sixteen okay! do i need to act mature enough to be a teen? sigh

oh yeah btw kesten nadhira, please keep your heads up and smile and please don't you ever look back okay? :) past is past and it won't come again to haunt you down


Dalilah xoxo