hello everyone :D

oh well, he's in the middle of best classmates ever XD

acap: eh wey dalil, aku orang yang mcm mana ha?
me: you're annoying and talk too much
acap: you know why aku banyak cakap, its because we're just too close and that's why aku mcm dah tak tau malu dgn kau. we're like 'brother and sister' . kalau dengan perempuan lain i malu nyah! (silly face)

he is sort of my best friend nothing much okay
as he said to me we're like 'brother and sister'
we shared our stories together, that's what bring us even more closer
he helped me a lot on everything
please stop asking me whether i like him or not
and yes i do like him as my best friend okay?
and he already knew that :p
he's one of my best listener

he got he's own crush and so do i, get that?
we got so many things in common in life
but i'm not gonna lie, somehow he's a bit annoying
he managed to come by to my house on weekends just to cheer me up
and none of my friends ever did that for me
i cried, smiled and laughed in front of him
for the first time, a guy saw me cried
shame on me, boo~

you know what, it pissing me off
and he don't even understands why, people keep throwing
hates on him but he didn't actually care ;p
he said 'what goes around, comes around'
so we're just gonna wait here and watch :)
oh yes we didn't care ;)

and i still remembered
how we talked about all this for about two hours
and there's no way out
we just need to face this and i'm just gonna stop for a minute and smile :)
oh well as long as my best mates with me,
then nothing gonna bring me down

p/s: i love my best bitches as well, oh well pretty you know who you are ;p. oh yes, wish everyone of you a very happy Ramadan