peekaboo ♥

let's put a smile on our face, yes like that. school break is almost over. hello second semester, please be nice to us and trial is just around the corner, wish us the best of luck okay ;). they are my wonder-wall. lastly wish us luck for the maths olimpiad thingy, it scares me off :[ because the questions will be a bit tough and it is out of our school syllabus. well there's nothing to lose and it worth to try something new

how to have a great day :)
(let's try)

1. wake up early and Solat
2. wear somethings that make you feel good
3. say the magic words often (thank you and please)
4. tell somebody you love 'em
5. eat your favorite meals
6. wear perfume
7. say cheese (smile)
8. read a book
9. bake a cake
10. watch a good film
11. hanging out your friends
12. stop using nasty words (cursing)