to be loved :)

yesterday , i had a great conversation with my former class-mate back in 2006 and she told me how much she missed our childhood . and i still remember how we used to play hide and seek with hafiz ul-raqif and nidzam i bet he barely does not remember a thang about us because i was like super duper awesomely nerd back then :D . hahaha now hafiz is our class monitor . okay enough with those childhood thang .

i hate those awkward moments , yeah we all have a best friends back then and now we never talk to each other and it really annoys me >.< . by the way , screw having the prince charming i just need an awesome guy . it is easy to talk about love but it's hard to falling in love . it is a 1st of april time running so fast now D: and it's my senior year for sure i'll be missing them in the future :)