smile :)

this is the royal wedding or what do we call as wedding of the year :). all my friends on twitter keep tweeting about #RoyalWedding. lol it's amazing how much people cared about this wedding. but actually i'm amazed because kate is something that we called as a girl next door meanwhile william is a king-to-be. aww it sure is a fairytale eh? by the way kate looked so beautiful :'). and her dress make me go aww :'D

it is so hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember, but i should stop cherish all those moments. there's no more we in this relation its just me and me alone. i act like i don't care, but deep inside no one actually knows. btw its not about a boyfriend or soul mates, its about friendship okay! but i do believe they don't even care about me anymore. they act like i never exist. gee toodles, stay beautiful and precious okay