woa :o

one of my friend said 'i don't care about her past , i just wanna be her future , past is past okay' .

oh yes i had a great time last sunday with my super duper awesome friends , mira , nashriq , atmam and ashraf :D . but they are driving me crazy , we stucked at the tutti frutti almost like one hour . yes thanks to ashraf who living us there , he said he wanted to bought some mineral water for us but at last jumpe membe dia -.- and the best part is , atmam pulled my hair and said

A : asl tak pkai tudong ?
M: alaaa jgnla tanye
A : kalaw aku belikan tudong , kau pkai tak ?
A : tah tah tah
A : ala ala nanti aku beli kau pakai okayyy
M: lalalala

*psst : happy birthday to my one and only justin drew bieber :)