it's alright , it's okay :)

my 1st week was fine , my mood are good . i sat on the first row on my class . but i'm not feeling so good , my maigrane geting very very worst . everytime i got back from my heavenly school , my head was like ahh -.- . and some of my friends kept asking me , was it hurt ? yes of course and i don't know what else to do . what ever it is i love my new teacher and her name is puan meriam :) . eventhough she some kind of fierce -.- but she is fine and she taught us perfectly and she taught us to used bahasa melayu frequently :p . thanks to all the teachers for your hardwork and all your patience . i'll do the best form my exams and i'll be less talkactive okay :\ . as my biology teacher said 'awak kena usaha untuk jadi orang yang berilmu , seperti belon yang ada gas helium bukan gas biasa' . yeah i'll fight for it , maigrane go away i need to study , stop bothering me . stop spoiling my exams again :)