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you never realize how much you like someone until you watch them like someone else :') . but yeah it's to good to be truth . right now maybe someone you haven't met is out there wondering what it would be to meet someone like you :) . i don't care about your past anymore , i just wanna be your future . i hope there's a place for me eh ? don't ever choose the one that is beautiful , choose the one that makes your life beautiful :] . to me , your voice is my favourite sound and your smile makes my day . i'm only a teen , i'm not that strong , i love to be alone but i hate to be lonely . i love your laugh , your stupid smile and the way you glance o__o . no men worth your tears , so just get over it already ! i like someone who pays attention to me . it's cute when a guy knows what you like and what you hate the most . hello it's reality lala , wake up . there is no such thing as that :\ . don't cry because it's over just smile because it's happend . hey here is a lil secret , there never was someone else , i only wanted you . ah who am i kidding , i feels like i'm waiting for something that isn't going to happend :( . so for now let's focusing on the SPM , and then i'll find someone who love me for who i'm and not trying to change me . yeah i know i ain't perfect , stop criticize me please i'm tired of everything . i'm difficult , different and most importantly i'm awkard but the fact is i'm real and live in a reality not a fantasy . the only things that stands between you and me is reality . if i could gather up the nerve , i did put my feelings into words but i just can't . just because i'm happy it doesn't mean i have to smile , when i smile it doesn't me i'm happy . please understands me , i'm good in faking things up .
*yeah i put all my words and feelings all together on one post
*enough with stupid post , toodles
ladies , if someone touches you and you don't want them to , feel free to punch him on the face BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG :)
*i'm a typo , sorry if i spells the word incorrectlly :]