terrified =='

do you see that ? blood ! :
okay do you afraid of a blood ? no ? but ifor me i'm so afraid of blood and everyhing thta have to do with blood , like an operation or etc . yeah and i don't know why i'm learning biology . okay actually i prefered architecture more than biology --' but my mom didn't allowed me to take architecture class . never mind , okay eventhough i was so afraid of blood but i still can accompany my grandfather to the hospital and doing his dialysis treatment . i'm a bit terrified to see the blood being pumped throughh the blood compartment . eeee i'm so scared . on the blood compartment i can see my grandfather's blood whirling on the machine and i was like 'err mak ila takot tengok darah' --' . but my grandmother said i can't leave my grandfather alone because he will be complaining . ahh so i've to facing the blood machine for about three hours -.- . okay catch you guys later , i feel like wanna throw up right now -____-