so what , it's my blog anyway :D

yeah it's another post about justin bieber -____- . boo , if you want , i don't even care :p . okay one day i was talking to my friend and suddenly i heard one of justin's song . then i was like 'woaa :o' . yeah i'm one of his crazy fans :D , no doubt everybody knows that :p . most of my classmate knows how much i like this justin thingy and everytime they heard anything good or bad about justin , they will tell me every single thing that they know :D . yeah they loved me the way i am XD
me : woa justin bieber :D
guy : -_____-
me : what ? justin sangat comel okay
guy : yelah JB jea comel -.-
me : kenape SEMUA lelaki tak suke JB ?
guy : tahla , i layan jea semua , greenday you pon i layan . tapi i rse selalunye lelaki2 tu jealous dkt si bibir ni :D
me : oh no wonderlah