let's fight

have you ever heard about breast cancer ? yeah i bet you've heard of it like a thousand times . before this , i never care about this but after my mother was infected by this cancer . i started to care about what i ate , what i do and everything to avoid or fight breast cancer . sometimes i did follow my mother to her 'pink unity' club . pink unity is where all the cancer survivor gather to do some useful activities together , take some precautions together , set up some events about breast cancer on some carnival all over the country , like in bukit jalil , melaka and etc and have some fun together . and i'm enjoying their activities too . okay breast cancer is the most common cancer that might be dangerous . let takes some savety precautions to fight breast cancer

1. eat less fast food
2. eat less frozen food
3. eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
4. do some excercise frequently *haa but i'm so lazy to do so

yeah that's all from me :D , good night :)