the number you have dailled is trying to kill you XD

i dind't go to school today , i had a fever actually and i had some dental's appoiment . ouh yaa last week my cousin just got married :) may Allah bleesed you :) . okay but i was so tired taking care of my annoying nephews .

wafy : maksu nk bunga mangga tu , dokonglaa wafyy
me : wafiy dah 6tahon ok bukn 6buln -___-
wafy : nak jugak maksu
me : okay sekali ni jea ok !

*trust me it is so freakin annoying with all my beloved nephews

i can't even sat even just for a sec . they kept on , nak mknlah , nk gulagulalah , nak cameralah , nak ni nak tu -,- . haih cmne la esok dah ade ank XDD HAHAHAHA . okay but they make me laugh so hard :DD . thanks to my nephews : emily hana kurnia , elisa hani kaisara , nuha , wafy , ammar , aniq , aqil and i just can't remember all of their name XDD , sorry ;p. but only CERTAIN people can make me laugh or smile :')

*this song have nothing to do with this post , there were some guy sang this song out loud yesterday (time tusyen) , budak kls 4amnh kot *tk knl ;p