happy eid :D

eid was awesome :D . all of our family members were in the picture accept my brother and ayah cik's family . the day before eid , all of us was so busy cleaning up the house *very huge house -___-' .yang paleng best kteorang kne bwk kereta maksu pegi basoh -___- . letih lepastu kene dgr BEBELAN PERCUMA . haah but eid still fun because i got to met all of my family members exept mak cik laili's family :( . hah but my grandfather didn't recognized me at all , he thinks i'm a new maid -,- . what the hell . then my grandfather saw my brother .

atok : anas ?
anas : yea atok
atok : oh ni ila eh ? atok ingt org gaji baru

phuew thank god he remember me :D