it's the fact =.=*

1. i'm a total loser
2. i'm super duper skinny
3. i'm 168 cm tall ;p
4. i wanna gain my weight :)
5. i do hate CERTAIN people badly *,*
6. i'm not that hypocrite
7. i'm so annoying but in a good way
8. i love studying but i'm so lazy to do so
9. i wanna curl my hair but i'm so afraid that my hair
will look like an sss
10.i ate a lot but still -____-"
11.i've a few GOOD and TRUE friends
12.i'm not that arrogant
13.i love being me :D
14.i can be as awesome as you want
15.i hate liars and i hate lying
16.honesty is THE most important thing in life
17.i love my friends till death :)
18.i love to talk and talk and talk
19.i've two cats before , named nikko and tommy :(
20.i love berly's choclate :D