encik koharrr

ustad kohar have finish his practical in our school :( .we did gave him a cute card for teacher's day :D . okay uztad kohar , i'm gonna miss you kot . hahaha well yesterday we , planned a party for him . ala tadela gempak mne pon , bodo2 jea. hmm ok -__-' but i just had a slice of cake because i hate fried noodle =.= angin dow perot aku ble mkn mee ney . haaah okaay here's the photo of us with our beloved teacher encik kohar :) Align Center

okay this is my favorite of all :)

the annoying one ;D

myaa so cute :P

atmam 'jmbuuu'

gad ;p

who is this , haha *pelahap

our 'responsible' monitor


aizat cine :PP

apek ;p

i love yaa guys ;p

ustad kohar :)

daniel arief ;p
aina & fana :D

nashriq -_-